What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twins are digital replicas (containing descriptions, specific data, photos, videos, etc.) of physical products, assets, or systems that synchronise data with the corresponding real-world version. This concept can be extended to virtually any conceivable object. The representation is achieved by creating models based on the physical data assets. Digital twins, when recorded on a blockchain, become immutable and enduring representations of an object at the time of recording. They serve as a valuable tool for documenting the status of that object at that specific moment.

For example, after several years, many documents and details related to a real estate property are often lost. By recording a digital twin using RE-TWIN, the contained data will remain available indefinitely on a ledger that cannot be cancelled due to its decentralised and unmanaged nature.

How to Create a Digital Twin

The creation of digital twins is made easy with our platform. The ease of this simple process can be seen in the video below.