Digital Twin Development for Real Estate

The Future is Blockchain.

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What Is Re-Twin?

An innovative platform that leverages the power of the Cardano Blockchain to create digital twins of real estate objects. Our platform combines the robustness and sustainability of Cardano's blockchain technology with the tangible world of real estate, revolutionising the industry and offering a unique solution for property developers, real estate agencies, investors and enthusiasts.

At Re-Twin we believe that real estate assets deserve a digital presence. Our platform enables the seamless conversion of physical properties into highly accurate and detailed digitaled twins. These digital twins capture essential information such as architectural designs, floor plans, location, features, pictures, and historical data, creating a comprehensive representation of real-world property.

Who are We?

Re-Twin is a SaaS portal brought to you by Tokenance: a boutique consultancy and software studio that provides cutting-edge, sustainable solutions to empower current and future generations of innovative entrepreneurs in every industry. Tokenance is a place for out-of-the-box thinkers, with a team made up of minds from across the globe with various backgrounds and a unified mission to make the impossible possible.

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1.500 EUR

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199 EUR

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Digital Twin Credits available for top up

  • 10 digital twins credits: 50 EUR each
  • 20 digital twins credits: 40 EUR each
  • 50 digital twins credits: 30 EUR each

Frequently asked questions

Use the contact section and reach out to start the onboarding of your business and start serving your customers.

You do not need to own any cryptocurrency. The NFT is initially minted in a custodial wallet. If the customer wants to claim the NFT at a later point he can let you know, you can easily sent the NFT to them.

Our NFT's are minted on the Cardano blockchain. In order to receive the NFT you'll need to install a Cardano compatible wallet. These are listed here! Our preference goes to Nami, Eternl or Flint.

Get intouch with us via the contact form with any questions you might have. We will get back to you within the working week.

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